The Clan Urquhart Association publishes Newsletters that we call The Clan Urquhart Banner. In years past, we had been able to publish The Clan Urquhart Banner quarterly, but in recent years we have only published one or two issues per year.

We are always looking for new submissions on anything to do with Urquhart, Orcutt, Cromarty / Cromartie, or any derivatives thereof.

If you would like to submit an article or even just a photo, please email them to us or submit them to us via our Facebook page.

Some older digital copies of The Clan Banner are available upon request.

The Clan Urquhart Banner, Autumn 2018

The Clan Urquhart Banner, Summer 2018

The Clan Urquhart Banner, Spring – Summer 2019

The Seanachachaidh’s Bletherings, Summer 2019

The Clan Urquhart Banner, 2020 Year in Review

There were no issues of The Clan Urquhart Banner published in 2021, but we are currently working on publishing a Clan Urquhart Events Banner for 2022 and will be publishing the normal Clan Urquhart Banner (which includes Clan Member article subissions) at year’s end as a Year in Review for 2021 – 2022.