Clan Vision

The Chief’s Vision For The
Future of Clan Urquhart

Clansmen, it is imperative that we take seriously our responsibility for these important projects. Urquharts, this is our heritage which these undertakings seek to preserve. Their success depends upon you. Without them, our name, and all that it represents, will largely be forgotten. Please give them your full support. As Chief, I challenge all members of Clan Urquhart to show their loyalty by actively supporting the Clan in its important work of preserving Urquhart heritage, and thus providing meaningful and effective continuity between past, present, and future generations of Urquharts. I call upon every Urquhart in the world to actively and generously support the Family which gave them their name and identity. Urquharts, you owe it to yourselves and to those who will come after you. It is a privilege to be an Urquhart, and to be part of an ancient noble family, rooted in Scotland, which gave you life and which adds special meaning to your life. This Clan, in turn, depends upon your efforts to make it the best it can become.